Dear autism,

Veggietales live photo

Excellent Seats at the VT Live Show

If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be ASMT (Autism Society of Middle Tennessee) members. If we weren’t ASMT members we wouldn’t get awesome newsletter emails from Justin about cool stuff they are doing that are perfect for families on the spectrum. If we weren’t getting those emails, we would not have scored FREE tickets to see Veggietales LIVE in Murfreesboro last night. If we hadn’t driven the 45 minutes to Murfreesboro last night, I may have never have known that:

 A) Savion LOVES live shows! (I mean in a MAJOR way…I’m talking a limit stimming to the intermission and last 10 minutes of the show kinda love.) and

2) I can actually take all of my children to a public function with typical families without anyone spontaneously combusting, without losing any children, and still make it back home in one piece.

Score one for the not so super SUPERmom. High fives all around.  The cast was great, the 80’s songs were killer, and And quiet as kept, my 10-year-old (name not mentioned here to protect his “rep”) was videotaped dancing in the aisles to his favorite Veggiesongs of years past. But that little bonus is just between us…and the thousands of people who will buy the DVD when it’s released.

Yesterday was a VEGGIE great day!  Even if we didn’t win the 30 DVD set they gave away during intermission.  Yeah…still great.

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