The Autism Checklist

This is the book!

Dear autism,

I attended at talk at the library last night that was all about raising expectations for your spectrum kid. One of the most surprising facts I learned last night was that no matter what type of intervention was used, the single determining factor of success was parent ATTITUDE! (Dr. Mark Durand, Univ of S.FL) How awesome is that? How hope giving is that? Really, how inspiring that is! I came away from the talk feeling very aware of how far I’ve come in the almost 2 years since diagnosis. I can clearly see the growth and changes in my own attitude toward autism and disability in general and in my appreciation of who my son is individually. Thank you Mr. John Shouse for inadvertantly giving me great personal insight. I also got a copy of his book, The Autism Checklist.

I cannot emphasize enough how parents should attend events like this in order to increase their understanding community. I networked with 3 new people and found out about a great family event to look forward to. Also, it was a breath of fresh air being away from all the kids for an hour. I enjoyed the recharge and got great info….I’m such a great multi-tasker! Do you have similar stories?