Dear autism,

So a daycare center who shall remain nameless decided that since my kid required more work than the others I should pay MORE MONEY!!  REALLY?  So on days when little Sally typical screams all day does her mom have to fork over extra for the hours spent NOT tending to all the other kids?  Now before we all get up in arms about me beating up on the childcare industry let’s get a couple of things out in the open.  First, the whole idea of daycare sucks anyway right?  You drop your children off for other people to spend the whole day shuffling your precious cargo from activity to activity while you spend all day doing a job you may not really like anyway.  I know there are some people who LOVE being care providers, but let’s be honest for a second here…for a lot of people its a JOB!  Now add a kid who runs, screams, and stims all day, and it’s a REALLY difficult job.  I know better than most that it’s no walk in the park.  But if you advertise rates for childcare, you don’t get to change them for my kid just because he’s got autism.  That’s called DISCRIMINATION!  I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.  Scratch that… I’m positive it’s illegal because I called my provider law firm and asked.   Now at this point I have a few options.  Ponder with me….

1.  Yell, scream, point fingers and make a general raving lunatic of myself in the direction of the center director.

2.  Whip off a stinging narrative laced with words that can’t be printed in the public domain and send it to the media (ok I’ll delete all the profanity before I send it, but the act of writing it will do WONDERS for my mental health).

3.  Remove BOTH (yep I pay them to care for my typical kid too) of my kids from their care and hope they really miss my money.

In the end, I’ll do what most of you would probably do.  Give them a piece of my mind on paper, remove my kids, and send a few watchdogs in their direction.  To be honest, that’s all I’ve got the time, energy, or resources to devote to this.   Now I’ve got to start the process of finding a child care provider for my auti-angel again.  Do you have a great resource to share?  Do tell…