November 2009

Savi's smile
Savi’s smile

Dear autism,

Rocking chairs rock!  (pun only partially intended)  There are so few things that I can actually tell give Savi joy.  He’s non verbal and notoriously hard to read.  But on this day, I knew without a doubt that he was happy.  I wasn’t even really mad when he removed the two bars shown in this picture about 20 minutes later.  Doesn’t everyone like to redecorate?  You should let us have more days like this together…don’t u have relatives in Antarctica to visit?  Stay as LONG as you’d like.  Really!
Enjoy Life Rice Bar

GFCF can work huh?

Dear autism,

Savi loves chocolate.   Much more than the average bear.  So when we decided to go GFCF the transition was painful to see, and hear, and feel, and (I think you get the point).  So it was with great fear and trepidation that we decided to give him this CHOCO bar.  I mean surely a kid who has fiercely rejected EVERY “alternative” food will become irate if I try to pass off the good stuff right?  It will probably end in an exercise to see how fast I can clean off of the walls, and the floor, and the ceiling, and the cabinets, (some of my readers can TOTALLY relate right now).  But he was starving and I was desperate, so I handed it over and took cover to await the fallout.  He sniffed it very suspiciously and circled around it like a honeybee in pollination mode (Disney’s Bee Movie lately anyone?).  Then, miracle of miracles, he took a bite! And another, and another; HAVE MERCY he’s EATING something!  NO NO, he’s eating THAT BAR!  I scooped him and the remaining bar up, waddled to the car (I was about 8 months pregnant at the time), and literally FLEW to Whole Foods to buy a case.  Now friends, (and autism) here’s a coupon for 75 cents off.  May you have many happy GFCF (and soy and nut free) memories too!

enjoy life foods – gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, casein free : chocolate bars : boom CHOCO boom™ crispy rice bar.